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Which Preventing Sport Controller Ought to You Purchase? A Fast Rundown

Preventing video games are all the excitement in 2023 with the discharge of Road Fighter 6, Mortal Kombat 1 and the upcoming Tekken 8 early subsequent 12 months. And simply as preventing video games flood the market, so do new controllers

In contrast to most different genres, preventing video games have spawned a distinct segment trade of controller-makers that produce arcade sticks harking back to the old-school arcades. New designs have entered the market as nicely, like leverless controllers, referred to as Hit Field-style, consisting of solely buttons. Players trying to step up their prowess with the latest preventing video games ought to take into account the bevy of choices out there that will up their sport. However with controllers costing wherever from $100 to $400, it is essential to search out the correct field to suit your model. 

What are the completely different preventing sport controller choices on the market?

There are three important choices out there for preventing video games: sport pads, battle sticks and leverless controllers. The sport pad is the perfect recognized of the three, and consists of the usual PlayStation 5 and Xbox Collection X controllers, in addition to the individually offered Nintendo Change Professional Controller. These pads include a D-pad, two analog sticks, 4 face buttons, two shoulder buttons and two triggers. There are additionally battle pads, consisting of simply buttons and a D-pad. 

Battle sticks can be a well-recognized sight for anybody who spent a while within the arcades throughout their heyday. These controllers usually are available in an oblong field with eight face buttons and a joystick. There are some further buttons on the highest or facet of the field associated to the opposite button discovered on a sport pad. 

Then the third and newer choices are referred to as leverless sticks, or Hit Field-style controllers. It is named after the corporate Hit Field, the primary to patent the design. These controllers are much like battle sticks in button setup, however as a substitute of a joystick, have 4 extra buttons that correspond to the up, down, left and proper instructions.

Whereas Hit Field was the originator of this model of controller again in 2010, different firms have popped up providing their very own spin on the model, akin to Junkfood Arcades with its skinny $265 Snack Field Micro. Different Hit Field-style controllers embrace the $400 Victrix Professional FS and $300 Razer Kitsune. The one formally licensed Hit Field-style controllers, in line with Hit Field, come from Paradise Arcade. When it comes to performance, nevertheless, all these controllers carry out adequately. However in Hit Field’s telling, controllers that undergo its licensing program will meet a sure degree of high quality.

“With licensing our IP, we’re not solely in a position to formally endorse and collaborate with different prime quality producers, but additionally to assist be sure that each participant’s first expertise on a leverless controller is a optimistic one,” mentioned Dustin Huffer, president and co-founder of Hit Field. 

That is in distinction to the Razer Kitsune, a leverless controller that’s formally licensed by PlayStation, however is not part of the Hit Field licensing program.

“Kitsune is an entirely Razer developed and manufactured product with out utilizing any elements, supplies, or ID from rivals,” mentioned Will Powers, PR lead at Razer.

Junkfood Customized Arcade’s director of operations Greg Lancette mentioned the Snackbox Micro is made and patented in a different way from the Hit Field and that it has no ties to the corporate Hit Field. Victrix expressed comparable sentiments relating to its Professional FS-12.

“We’ve a portfolio of patents overlaying our merchandise, a few of that are relevant to the Victrix Professional FS-12,” mentioned Trevor Lehl, director of product growth at Victrix. “We analyze and scrutinize the energy of our IP in collaboration with a world famend, trade main authorized agency, specializing in mental property.” 

Lehl mentioned that Victrix is nicely knowledgeable “on the protectability and validity of our competitor’s IP claims” and that in contrast to the Hit Field, the Professional FS-12 is an formally licensed PlayStation product.

And official licensing by PlayStation and Xbox would possibly turn into an even bigger difficulty sooner or later. Many preventing sport controllers have not been formally licensed by PlayStation and Xbox prior to now. Up till now, it hasn’t been an issue. However lately, Microsoft introduced that it will be banning unauthorized third-party equipment later this month. This has led to some backlash from preventing video games gamers and disabled players who might need to look in direction of different controllers in order that they will proceed to play. 

Hit Field’s licensing program pertains to the button format itself. Huffer praised Hit Field’s partnership with Paradise Arcade on the Mpress Nano and says others would make nice candidates for its licensing program, however did not reply rebuttals from different producers relating to their potential IP infringement.

Sony and Microsoft did not instantly reply to requests for remark.

Why you can purchase a battle stick controller

Arcades could also be all however gone within the US, however the battle stick stays a staple in preventing video games. Road Fighter 2, launched in 1991, set the precedent for controls that just about each preventing sport has adopted with its one joystick and six-button format. 

Longtime preventing video games followers laud the texture of utilizing a battle stick. Having the ability to execute strikes with a fast twist of the wrist is satisfying and, some argue, probably the most enjoyable solution to play. 

To begin, the joystick gives a sturdier enter as it’s important to use your total wrist to tug off a transfer. Then you could have eight buttons out there permitting the utilization of a number of fingers on the similar time, which is crucial to tug off sure strikes. 

One other benefit that will not be noticeable instantly is the strong base the battle sticks can present. They’ll present extra space to relaxation your arms and add stability whereas taking part in.

Why it is best to select a Hit Field-style controller

There’s nothing extra irritating than lacking an enter and screwing up your combo in the midst of an intense battle. Conventional battle sticks, which use an analogue joystick, permit the prospect for human error. Lacking the nook on an octagonal gate might imply dropping a combo and dropping a battle totally. 

Hit Field-style controllers enormously cut back that probability of lacking the nook by remapping the joystick as buttons. As a result of motion is assigned to those buttons, identical to the arrow keys in your keyboard, so long as you push the buttons within the right sequence, you may execute your transfer with larger consistency. 

Snack Box Micro fighting game controller

Junkfood Customized Arcades Snack Field Micro 


One of many hardest strikes to study on a battle stick for rookies is the Z directional enter. This requires shifting the joystick to the correct, then to the underside, then to the bottom-right nook, making a Z sample. Learners can generally overextend, hitting the bottom-left nook as a substitute of straight down, ruining their enter. 

A Hit Field-style controller makes this a fast three-button sequence. Proper, down and proper once more. Strive hitting the correct, down and proper buttons in sequence in your keyboard. Fairly straightforward, proper?

Whereas some within the preventing sport neighborhood bemoan the elevated recognition of Hit Field-style controllers, there is no denying that it will increase enter consistency. That is why legendary Road Fighter gamers like Daigo Umehara and Hajime “Tokido” Taniguchi have switched to the Hit Field. Regardless that each have been taking part in competitively for over twenty years, primarily on a conventional stick, the benefits of Hit Field had been too nice to disregard. It even compelled Capcom to make a rule change in order that conventional stick gamers and Hit Field gamers had been on a extra even footing.

Why it is best to keep on with a sport pad

For console players, virtually all of their time gaming can be with the controller they get included with their system. These bundled controllers are typically each the perfect designed and highest high quality sport pads for his or her respective system. Due to that high quality, these sport pads have gotten extra predominant within the preventing sport scene as youthful rivals who spend hardly any time within the arcades have grown accustomed to those controllers. 

On paper, nevertheless, sport pads do not stack as much as the battle stick or leverless stick. The smaller variety of face buttons, the requirement to make use of the shoulder and set off buttons that require the utilization of each fingers and having to make use of the controller D-pad for the entire motion inputs seemingly make controllers a worse possibility, however they do have some benefits. 

There are just a few transfer inputs that may be simpler to tug off on a sport pad. The principle one is the 360 levels transfer, which is a movement wanted for sure characters akin to Zangief within the Road Fighter sequence. One other enter that works somewhat higher on a D-pad is the double-tap ahead or again as a result of, once more, it is a bit extra exact. 

A stunning benefit of the sport pad is its lack of buttons. For instance, the Mortal Kombat sequence makes use of 4 assault buttons as a substitute of six present in different preventing video games. There may be nonetheless a block, throw and different buttons used within the sport, however having the 4 major buttons simply accessible to your thumb makes it the most popular selection for Mortal Kombat event gamers

Arguably the most important energy of a sport pad is familiarity. For some folks, that is the one controller they’ve used for his or her complete life. Their muscle reminiscence is ingrained in these sport pads. Why hassle altering to a brand new stick and study a totally completely different solution to management a sport while you’re completely comfy with what you have already got in a controller?

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