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What’s a Goosefish?

You’ve seen the alien-like hagfish, the see-through glass octopus and the slimy snailfish. Simply in case you thought ocean animals couldn’t get any weirder, permit me to introduce you to the goosefish.

With a face that solely a mom goosefish may love, the goosefish is likely one of the stranger-looking critters that dwell within the ocean. Learn on to find out about what makes goosefish distinctive—and why you need to love them.

All within the (goosefish) household 

The title “goosefish” refers to a bunch of fish within the household Lophiidae. There are about 25 species of goosefish around the globe, together with within the Arctic, Atlantic and Pacific oceans They’re a kind of anglerfish, which is the title of one other massive group that features extra delightfully weird-looking sea creatures like frogfish and footballfish.

Goosefish are simply recognizable by their vast, flat heads and gaping mouths. However simply because they’re simply recognizable doesn’t imply they’re simply noticed—their brown, speckled patterns make it straightforward for them to mix into the seafloor. Yow will discover them on sandy or muddy ocean bottoms at depths of greater than 3,000 ft beneath the ocean floor.

Goosefish at the bottom of seafloor 

The lurking goosefish

Goosefish are completely designed to prey on unsuspecting fish from the seafloor. They may sit quietly there the place their camouflaged, flat our bodies mix in completely into the sand or mud. Then, they’ll use their dangling “lures”, signature anglerfish options, to entice potential prey to swim shut. Once they’re prepared, the goosefish will lunge ahead and snap its large mouth round its lunch. Sadly for the prey, goosefish have many sharp enamel that face inward in direction of the physique, which means that poor factor has little likelihood of escape.

Their ambush technique works on a variety of prey, and goosefish actually aren’t choosy. They may eat different fish like herring and groundfish, crustaceans like lobster and crab, sea stars and even birds. One research discovered that goosefish will prey on small Arctic birds referred to as little auks. Little auks are associated to puffins and can dive as much as 100 ft beneath the floor to hunt (or, on this case, be hunted).

Goosefish at the bottom of seafloor 

What’s in a reputation? 

The goosefish household is filled with some curious characters, together with some that don’t share the goosefish title. Some species are referred to as “anglers,” a reference to the bigger group containing goosefish and different sorts of fish. The noticed anglerfish, for instance, is discovered within the Pacific Ocean and is roofed in lots of darkish spots.

There are different sorts of goosefish which might be generally generally known as monkfish. You may need come throughout monkfish earlier than—they’re seen in fish markets around the globe. In the US, the species Lophius americanus is called the American angler or monkfish (or typically, it’s additionally referred to as a goosefish…what can I say? Widespread fish names might be actually complicated). It’s an vital fishery within the Western Atlantic—in 2021, business landings within the Northeast United States have been valued at greater than $10 million.

Good, sustainable fishery administration is vital for goosefish and all different fish that depend on a wholesome ocean. Find out how Ocean Conservancy is working to seek out sensible options to the challenges dealing with our fisheries. Then, don’t overlook to take a look at our Wildlife Library to find out about different strange ocean animals.

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